EB Series Pulsation Dampener

Positive displacement pumps create destructive pulsation and hydraulic shock due to the reciprocating nature of their stroking action, potentially causing damage to the piping and system components. EVOL bladder type pulsation dampener offers the most efficient solution to reduce or eliminate pressure variations and complete system shock on the pump discharge.

Bladder Type

This pulsation dampener works actively with either compressed air or gas, usually nitrogen and elastomeric bladder. The elastomeric bladder ensures no leakage of compressed air/gas into the process fluid, thereby enhancing the performance and ensure a steady process fluid flow in various applications including municipal, industry, sanitary and chemical transfer applications.

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EB Series Pulsation Dampener

Features :

  • Quick installation

  • Bladder materials made to resist chemicals such as ketones and caustics

  • Body material made with 316L stainless steel

  • In-line maintenance

  • Pressure gauge with standard size (60 mm diameter & thread head M14 × 1.5)

  • Inflation valve connection with M14 × 1.5 (Male)


EB Series Pulsation Dampener Specification

Model Nominal Pressure (MPa) Volume (L) Weight (kg)

0.4 3
EVPD-HP0.63X 0.63 3.5
EVPD-HP1.0/X 1.0 5.5
EVPD-HP1.6/X 1.6 12.5
EVPD-HP2.5/X 2.5 15
EVPD-HP4.0/X 4.0 18.5
EVPD-HP6.3/X 6.3 25.5


Body Materials

Parts Material Application
Shell 316L Stainless Steel Excellent corrosion-resistant
Inflation valve 316L Stainless Steel Excellent corrosion-resistant

Elastomer & Sealing Materials

Material Application
Nitrile Rubber Good flex life; use with petroleum, solvents and oil-based fluids
Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber Good flex life; excellent resistance to sour oil and gas, steam, how water and ozone
Butyl rubber Great shock absorption and flex life; good resistance to heat and phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids
EPDM Use in extreme cold; good chemical resistance with ketones and caustics.
Viton Use in hot and aggressive fluids; good with aromatics, solvents, acids and oils

Level Gauge Dimension

Model DM (mm) ØD (mm) ØD1 (mm) H* (mm) H1 (mm)

M27 x 2
89 32 250 52
EVPD-HP0.63X 89 32 320 52
EVPD-HP1.0/X 114 32 315 52
EVPD-HP1.6/X 152 50 355 66
EVPD-HP2.5/X 152 50 420 66
EVPD-HP4.0/X 152 50 530 66
EVPD-HP6.3/X 152 50 700 66

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