Each of our instruments can be custom built to your specifications so you can be assured that these instruments will cover all your requirements with maximum productivity.

Pump Instrument

At EVOL, you can find a wide range of equipment and instruments to cater for your fluid solutions. All our instruments are self designed, developed and manufactured. Customers satisfaction is our top priority. In line with this, we make sure that all products are tested and certified to meet required standards before marketing them to our clients.

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Chemical Hose

EVOL UHMW-PE chemical hose is specifically designed and manufactured...

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Integral Block & Bleed Valves

Two series of integral block and bleed valves which are...

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Level Gauge

Manufactured with high purity quartz glass tube, meter shell and explosion-proof valve...

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Pulsation Dampener

The most efficient solution to reduce or eliminate pressure variations and...

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Metallic Tube Flowmeter

Designed to be reliable, flexible and economical. With its robust design...

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